Office Cleaning: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

The desire of every employer is to have office cleaning work done easily, quickly and efficiently. However, as simple as office cleaning may seem, many people find it a time consuming and a stressful task, which ends up with disappointing and unsatisfactory results. In most cases, the problem is the products or methods people use to clean their offices. Remember that like any other task, office cleaning requires skills. Hiring competent providers of commercial cleaning in Sydney can help you avoid major cleaning mistakes people do. Some of these mistakes include:

Using dirty rags

Many people do not clean their cleaning rags after use. They therefore use dirty rags to clean their offices. Using such rags cannot make your office clean. Instead, you transfer old dust onto your surface as you wipe the current dust. To avoid this, you should carefully rinse your rag under running water after cleaning.

Cleaning electronics using cleaning products

Never use any type of liquid sprays or chemical near or on electronics. In case you are planning to clean your office desk, move your speakers and computer before you begin spraying cleaner everywhere. Using detergents once may not harm your electrical gadget, but repeated use of chemicals and cleaning products can greatly harm your electronics over time. Before cleaning your office electronics, study the cleaning instructions mostly contained in the user’s manual. Basically, you should clean electronics using a soft brush, a clean cloth that is dry, or electronics cleaner.

Not cleaning carpet stains promptly

You should deal with carpet stains immediately. Waiting until the following day to treat the stain, gives the stain a chance to seep deep into your carpet’s fiber, making it very challenging to remove. Using a towel, soak the spill up and blot. You should avoid rubbing a carpet spill. Then, soak up the spill with a deep layer of bi-carb soda and vacuum the bi-carb the following day.

Overusing the cleaning product

Before you start using any cleaning product, check the amount recommended on the packaging. Using too much cleaning product does not imply that you are cleaning better. You may be making your office worse by forming product build up. You can minimize usage of the cleaning product by applying on your cleaning cloth rather than pouring the detergent randomly. You may also save more if you hire providers of commercial cleaning in Sydney.

Forgetting the rubbish bin

A rubbish bin is an important item in every office. However, many people forget to clean their rubbish bins. You should take your office rubbish bin outside after every week and fill it with detergent and soapy water. Then, leave the bin to soak for one hour, and then pour the water. Leave it to dry before taking it back to the office. This will help remove germs and bad odors.

The success of your company lies on your employees. Employees feel motivated when they come every morning to clean and organized offices. You should not overburden them with office cleaning tasks. Hire experts such as providers of commercial cleaning in Sydney to clean the offices. This will not only ensure a clean and a comfortable working environment, but will also enhance productivity.