Newmarket Real Estate in Brisbane

Looking for a Newmarket real estate deal in Brisbane? Newmarket is one of the most blue-chip suburbs in Brisbane – where you can find the “poshest” of posh homes with plenty of amenities for that perfect, luxurious lifestyle. Houses in this area are also quiet and quaint with a very friendly atmosphere, which is quite infectious. There is a very good public transport network as well, along with nice amenities for the most comfortable stay.

The population of Newmarket is relatively small, which is just shy of 4,500 people. Up to 45.7% of the residents are house occupants in rental accommodations, while the rest own their homes. Houses are also pricier, although there is a good deal for those considering the value of a Newmarket rental accommodation. Houses in this Brisbane suburb have a median listing price of $730,000 with an appreciation of 6.56% over the last year.

For property investors looking to have excellent houses, Newmarket real estate offers very good return on investments. As long as Newmarket maintains its great aura in the minds of buyers and occupants, which continues to be the case, the value of properties in this Brisbane suburb will continue appreciating for the foreseeable future at a very healthy rate.

As a value indication of the Newmarket real estate in Brisbane, the value of houses in this Brisbane suburb has appreciated by 14.16% over the past two years.

Rentals at Newmarket

Occupants in this luxurious Brisbane suburb pay a median rent of $495 per week. If you are a Newmarket property owner, you can expect a rental yield of up to 3.52%. Houses in Newmarket are typically sold within 85 days. You do not have to wait long before clinching a great sale for your Newmarket rental property.

The current vacancy rate in Newmarket is 2.8%, which is a point over the above-average Queensland vacancy rate. There are only a few units currently available for rental or for purchase at Newmarket real estate. However, you certainly need a reliable and highly-experienced Newmarket real estate agency to help you navigate this gold mine of a real estate market.

When it comes to house sales in Newmarket, a house will go for $730,000, a townhouse for $525,000, and a unit for $390,000. Rentals for houses go for $495 per week, $465 per week for townhouses, and $340 per week for units. It is an exciting market, where there are limitless possibilities to make money for savvy investors.

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