How to Take Good Care of Your Timber Flooring in Geelong

Timber flooring in Geelong is loved by many homeowners for a number of reasons: they have a comfortable feel to them, look and feel warm, are softer underfoot and great for those who suffer from various allergies. Timber flooring is also very good at camouflaging the dirt and the dust and thus makes the floor look clean at all times.

Unlike other flooring solutions that get uglier as they age and amass scratches and wear, these scratches and wear actually add to the patina of hardwood timber flooring in Geelong and this gives them an almost “vintage” lived-in look that adds to the elegance and style of your home.

In spite of the many advantages, timber still requires some care. The good thing is that caring for your timber flooring is relatively easier and simpler but there are certain things that you need to avoid when you are looking after your timber. These include the following:

· Excessive dirt on the timber flooring surface

· Excessive moisture

· Dragging objects like furniture on the timber flooring surface. In order to avoid ghastly scratches on the timber flooring, you can add some soft protective pads underneath the furniture pieces which have legs. It is also important to inspect the furniture pads occasionally in order to ensure there is little build-up grime and dust over time. When these accumulate, they will also leave ugly marks on the timber flooring if the furniture is moved or if it slides.

Give it a Finish

Timber flooring in Geelong is generally polished using a solvent-based polyurethane or even a water-based one. All these types of finishes are hard-wearing so once you apply them, it will take time before they wear out. The water-based polyurethane is preferred by most homeowners due to the fact that it dries faster and the level of toxicity is also lower. Other finish types used on the wooden surfaces include wax and tung-oil. It is always advisable to check the kind of finish that has been used in a home as this will directly affect how you are going to clean them or carry out maintenances on them.

How to keep timber flooring clean

Timber flooring needs some tender loving care so as to maintain their look and durability over a long duration of time. Sweep and also vacuum on a regular basis. Remove the dust regularly along with various lose particles on the flooring that are like to scratch the timber surface. When sweeping the flooring, use a broom that is soft-bristled. You can also use an electrostatic mop or even a vacuum cleaner.

Spills on the floor should be wiped off straight away using a paper towel or even a piece of dry cloth. Put floor mats outside all entries so as to prevent dust, dirt as well as various particles from landing on timber flooring and potentially causing scratches.

The waxed floors should never be mopped. For the polyurethane floor finishes, you can freshen them up a little bit with the help of a quick mop. Try to keep water as much as possible from the timber floors. If you will be using wet mops, ensure that they are wrung well. The water should be warm and never flood the wooden floor with water. Hot water will likely destroy the wooden finishes. It is also important to avoid using harsh cleaning agents such as vinegar or bleach. With these simple cleaning and maintenance tips, you will be able to keep your timber fresh, elegant and beautiful for many years to come.